Records Fees

The process of releasing our Patient's Health Information —PHI, is a complicated, costly, and extremely tedious process in which many steps must be followed to ensure our patient's confidentiality. Many laws, including Federal, State, HIPAA, and HITECH exist and must be followed to protect the patient's proper disclosure.

The process of complying with records requests takes valuable time out of our highly skilled medical staff, therefore our time in making the requested records available must be compensated according to the California Evidence Code —Reasonable Cost:

Third-Party Requesters

"Reasonable clerical costs incurred in locating and making the records available to be billed at the maximum rate of twenty-four dollars ($24) per hour per person, computed on the basis of six dollars ($6) per quarter hour or fraction thereof; actual postage charges; and the actual cost, if any, charged to the witness by a third person for the retrieval and return of records held offsite by that third person."

If records (digital, paper, storage) are found, a Final Invoice for the production cost, the certification process, and the digital distribution of the records, will be submitted to your office for approval. This final reproduction cost must be made payable to our medical practice "Robotic Brain & Spine Institute" for our valuable time in making the records available.

Final Production Check Must be payable to the "Robotic Brain & Spine Institute"